Worth 1,000 words.

Tell a story with a single image using the techniques we've covered over the first four weeks. (Rule of Thirds, Negative Space, and Leading Lines.)

"A picture is worth 1,000 words" is a statement that is far too true.  A good photo doesn't only follow the rules of what makes a "good" composition, a good photo makes someone feel something.  Whether that be love, anger, happiness, sadness, or even inspiration, a good photo, a lot of times, lives beyond the frame in which it's captured.

This past weekend we celebrated our nephew's 4th birthday.  While I was taking hundreds of photos, his energy made me realize how much life you can capture in a single frame.  Being able to see someone in a certain moment, or capturing a natural reaction for me, is what makes photography so rewarding.  For this week's assignment, we're going to take a break from focusing solely on the technicalities of photography and focus on the most important piece.  Your subject.


This week, try using the composition techniques we've learned over the first four weeks to try and tell a story with a single photo.  Like we did with our self-portraits,  I want to use this week as a gauge as we move on with the 52-week photo challenge.  We will be looking back, later on, to see what we can directly do and what we've done, to improve our shots for the better.  

Once again, this week try focusing on what your subject is, and what surrounds it to help give the viewer a better understanding.  If your goal is to one day be able to make a living off of photography, being able to effectively tell a story in a powerful and unique way is the biggest way to stand out and start getting discovered.



Submit your photos by February 4, 2018, by tagging @TRIBETYLER or @TRIBEPRESETS on Instagram and also by using the hashtag #TRIBEwk5.






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