Control the eye

Look for leading lines to direct the viewer's eye through your photo.

This week we're taking what we've learned and we're continuing to build on the rule of thirds and negative space with another pillar of compositional techniques. 

Leading Lines.

what are leading lines?

Leading lines are the subliminal lines that lead your eye through an image.  Leading lines can come from hard physical lines to shadows or any object that creates a line that emphasizes your subject.  For example,  the shots below make for interesting compositions because there are leading lines in the photos that all converge to one point or area.  These lines help to control the viewer's eye into the frame and gives an inviting feeling into an image.  Another reason paying attention to leading lines is important is to further emphasize your subject.  Like negative space, the lines that are chosen around the subject adds depth to the photo that many people overlook.  Leading lines are essentially a way to take a 2D image and create more depth by giving it a false third dimension. 


Finding leading lines in nature tends to take a lot of patients, especially when photographing life.  In this case, try lining up the lines in a scene and wait for your subject to walk through the frame and try snapping off a photo where the lines intersect.  If shooting an inanimate object, try positioning yourself or adjusting your scene to create an interesting flow to your focal point. 

Once again, like the rule of thirds and negative space, this is another tool that can be built on that will dramatically change the way you see everything  Try using what we've learned about the rule of thirds and negative space, and find leading lines that invite you into an image or emphasize a specific subject.

Look at some of the slider examples below for different ways of seeing leading lines.



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