We're going to start off our year-long journey with a "before" photo.  We have a lot to learn over the course of the next 52 weeks so let's start with what we already know. 

Compose a self-portrait any way you know how.  

It could be set up with a timer on a tripod, a reflection in a mirror, or even your arm.  Really be creative. 

Try taking multiple shots and different compositions and choose the best one you feel represents yourself and your style.  We'll be referring back to these shots next week to see how we can improve.  Don't spend too much time trying to get fancy with different settings.  Focus mainly on your composition (or what you know) of it here.

Submit your photos by January 7, 2018, by tagging @TRIBETYLER or @TRIBEPRESETS and also by using the hashtag #TRIBEwk1.

I took around 25 photos of my self-portrait and narrowed that down to my favorite 4.  Once I was down to my favorite 4, I focused on the little details of which one I wanted to choose and why (see below).  I ended up choosing the photo of my cropped face because I really liked how the amount of negative space and the smoothness of the plain white background really draws the eye to my eyes.  When shooting portraits, I've found the most important part of the whole image is the eyes as that is what tends to draw the strongest connection with the viewer.




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