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What started as a creative outlet for a freshman at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, turned into what is now known as TRIBETYLER. In 2013, Tyler began uploading videos to YouTube in order to showcase the progress he had made as a 3D Animation student. By the end of that year, Tyler’s work had developed a substantial following and he was encouraged to keep creating. Tyler and his wife, Haylee, continued to post videos online relating to anything from art to their everyday lives. Today, the duo pull more than 400,000 monthly visitors to their Youtube channel and have a following of over 200,000 across their social media platforms.

Over the years, TRIBETYLER has matured from a hobby into a fully developed, 2 man production company gaining the likes of various major news outlets. Day in and day out, Tyler and Haylee work together to produce digital advertisements and commercial marketing material for brands outside of their own platform. Creating content that bridges the gap between brand and consumer has become a cornerstone for the TRIBETYLER brand, and it was born from the same passion that gave them their start in the beginning. Storytelling.

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What We Offer

Film & Commercial Photography

Specializing in digital marketing, TRIBETYLER connects your business with it’s target audience. We create personalized content that stays true to your brand’s identity while pushing it’s creative boundaries. With the business to business partnership model, TRIBETYLER is commissioned to produce marketing materials for the client through a variety of digital mediums (video work, photography, logo animation). With the business to consumer partnership model, TRIBETYLER serves as an advertising outlet for your brand to it’s audience of over 200,000.

Blending the two partnership models is an efficient and cost effective way to advertise on our platform while simultaneously marketing to your own audience and owning the rights to materials produced.  

Animation & VFX

Whether you’re looking for logo animation or visual effects, we curate visually appealing video enhancements that will take your branding to the next level.

Sample Animation & VFX Work: LIFEWTR®, FALKN® USA

Ariel Photography & Video

For projects that require overhead imaging, fly over views, and panoramic or sweeping establishing shots, we offer cinematic landmark stills and footage. Ariel photography and video allows for the inclusion of large scale scenes such as concerts, construction sites, residential properties, and beautiful landscape.

Sample Ariel Photography & Video Work:

Consumer Technology

Whether it be application software programs or wireless devices, we digitally recreate the consumers senses to make them feel as if they are experiencing the product first hand. We grab the audiences attention through visual elements such as color, shape, form, and texture. Detailed features are highlighted and explored to ensure nothing is left to the imagination.

Sample Consumer Technology: Ultimate Ears® Blast



Documenting concerts, conferences, retreats, fundraisers, or product launches is an excellent way to continue engaging with attendees long after the event is over. We give the target audience a taste of what they will experience at your event, driving curiosity and increased attendance. We ensure full coverage of the event as to encapsulate the entire occasion.

Sample Event Work: Adobe® Max

Food & Beverage

When done correctly, food photography is a feast for the eyes. We produce mouth watering images that drive customers through your door. Because consumers experience a meal with their eyes first, we ensure that imagery leaves a lasting impression. From gourmet cuisine to packaged snack foods, a beautifully executed shot will leave customers begging for the real thing.

Sample Food & Beverage Work: BJ’s Restaurants®

Home & Lifestyle

Ranging from residential sites to household items, home and lifestyle film and photography aims to embody the essence of everyday living. Similar to a documentary, these shots can capture a story. We construct a balance between real life moments and functional product shots.

Sample Home & Lifestyle Work: European Bartender School®, Beazer Homes®

Travel & Destination

We capture a destinations culture, history, people, and landscape through a lens in a way that is unique. Whether it’s a tropical island, a bustling city, or a lively theme park, our brand cultivates the spirit of exploration through photography and film.

Sample Travel & Destination Work: Marriott® Resort Cancun