What once started as a creative outlet to supplement a freshman in art school, turned into what is known today as TRIBETYLER.  In 2013, Tyler started uploading videos to YouTube in order to showcase the progress he was making on his journey to becoming a 3D Animator. By the end of 2013, Tyler had started to develop a following on the rapidly growing platform and decided to make the full time jump of starting his own production company.  Working side by side with his wife, Haylee, the two continue to post their work online through various social media outlets, which has allowed them to find a unique way of bridging the gap between brand and consumer.  The duo continues to post their work, along with pieces of their personal lives, online. They create a unique connection with an audience that shares the same passion for what got them to where they are today.



After having been featured on major networks such as The Wall Street Journal, HLN,, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, and MTV, Tyler's work has continued to gain a steady following through his unique storytelling on YouTube.