The Type of a Starbucks Person

There are two types of people. 

The ones who would "die" for their cup of Starbucks (predominately "white girls."), and the ones who absolutely despise them and categorize them as "corporate sellouts."

Me personally,  I think it's great.  You won't see me flipping out if I don't have a coffee with that famous green and white mermaid on it, but at the same time, I think they consistently make an above average cup of coffee.  Pricey? Absolutely.  But in the end, it get's the job done.

I'm aware there are much better places to get coffee and we love to support the mom and pop shops just as much if not more.  Now, believe it or not Starbucks started the same way as that little store at the market in Seattle, and marketed themselves into the massive empire they are today.  Which I find incredibly fascinating and admirable.

From a branding/ marketing standpoint alone, to make coffee, a bitter drink that contains water and a bean, as "cool" as it is impressive to say the least.  I could elaborate more on this but I won't at this time.

What I'm getting at is that I love the red cups.  My favorite i've seen from any store at any time.  Straight up.

Everybody drinks coffee. Even little kids in Mexico!
— Mike Ditka
Tyler Shelton