BritRail: Why traveling by train is one our favorite things to do

     Thanks to BritRail for supplying us with 15-day rail passes while on our trip abroad, we were able to see so much more of the UK than we had originally planned. These passes allowed us to hop on any train at any time to travel almost anywhere in mainland Britain (sometimes a reservation is required, but very rarely. And if you’re flexible with your departure time then it’s not a big deal to wait for the next train). Originally, we were planning on spending our entire 2 weeks in London and the surrounding area, but once we realized all of what BritRail has to offer, we decided it would be crazy not to explore more. Besides London, we used our passes to travel to Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Cambridge, and Brighton. Thanks to this extremely convenient and time efficient form of travel, our entire trip was upgraded.  

     We were so graciously treated to first class seats by our friends at BritRail, but we did sit in standard class a couple of times for our shorter excursions. After experiencing both classes of travel I can honestly say that they were both remarkable: spacious, clean, and comfortable. In first class there was even more space for both passengers and their luggage. It also seemed a bit quieter and more private than the cars of standard class did. We enjoyed complimentary tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, snacks, and, on longer excursions, full meals. We had access to free wifi and a large table that doubled as a desk, which basically made our seats feel like a moving office. This was such a treat because it gave us a chance to catch up on emails, editing, etc. And, last but certainly not least, the staff was insanely pleasant and helpful. They made it their job to ensure that each and every passenger was taken care of and satisfied with their experience. 

     I’m not usually one for long car rides or flights, but I can honestly say that traveling by train is one of my favorite things to do. We actually began to look forward to the train rides and were reluctant to get off at our stops. This may sound crazy, but we even contemplated dedicating an entire day to just riding around on different trains, enjoying the sights of the countryside (and the free wine). 

     In case you couldn’t tell, I seriously recommend BritRail to anyone visiting the UK or to anyone who lives there already and is looking for some adventure. Renting a car may seem like a viable option, but with high speed trains that cut your commute time almost in half, you’ll be able to see and do a lot more by making the decision to travel by rail. It also takes away the headache of navigating an unfamiliar country, allowing you to just relax and enjoy your trip. 

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Harry Potter/ Warner Brothers Studios Tour - London, England

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     Thanks again to the amazing individuals that make up BritRail’s team for making this trip of a lifetime possible. Follow this link to see how you can purchase your tickets:

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