Based out of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, Noble Denim makes attention to detail the highest priority in their jeans.

I may be a little biased because they're from my hometown, but this is my absolute favorite clothing company out there.  I've been looking at their products for over a year, but it's hard to get anything because the demand is so high.  Every time they release they are generally sold out in a matter of hours.  

Simply put, these aren't just jeans, they're artwork.

Yes, everyone, including myself, has shopped at H&M and seen how "trendy" the clothes are, but they're built so cheap.  H&M is essentially the IKEA of clothing.  So I don't expect anything to last, or even be comfortable for that matter when I buy anything from there.  And in turn, it doesn't give you that feeling.


I've always had a thing for quality/ authentic clothing, as well as my jerseys.  The first thing I look at is the detail in the seams and the stitching.  The things that not many people will ever notice or even see.  For me, this instantly justifies paying a higher price point rather than just your "name brand" stuff.  I'm not saying I don't buy cheap clothes, I'm just saying when I get something higher end, it gives me a different feeling when I put it on.

Which to me, is art. 

Making someone feel something continues to get harder and harder to do in our society. People become numb to branding, advertising, slogans, and catch phrases.  Knowing that detail exists, seeing each part of the thread and the copper, and seeing the finishing pieces such as the tags and the branding all create a sense of quality.  

You can see how thought out every stitch is.  You can see how many trials they had to go through to get everything perfect.  You can see the originality in something that's been done so many times.  All of these things contribute to how you feel when you buy a piece of artwork such as this.  


For me,  I'm a sucker for story.  These jeans have their own, which gives me inspiration for mine.

Standing out in today's market is a daunting task, let alone for a small business focusing on getting back to authentic, American-made clothing.  Noble denim has hit a homerun with me.  I love the work they do, and the work they're doing.  Not just for the jeans, but for their passion. Their team is all around artistically inspiring, and I only see big things in their future.

You can check them out at

and they've actually started a clothing line you can see at

Please, go check them out and at the very least send them some love!


Tyler Shelton