A Professional Instagrammer

Rarely is anything ever as "cool" as it looks.

 Over the last few months I've been the designated photographer of my friend, Daehan Jang's, instagram page. Daehan enjoys the smell of the rubber as you open up your box of fresh kicks for the first time. Which is exactly what he portrays on his YouTube channel as well as his instagram account.

Every shoot I find myself laughing at how we go about producing the shots, but this one more so than usual.  

We tried a number of different things to get the shot exactly how we wanted it.  One effect, was our friend Sam's fog machine he bought for Halloween.  The idea was going to make for a really awesome effect until we discovered we didn't have an extension chord and the machine wouldn't reach the frame.  

Naturally, being the innovators we like to think we are,  we thought to shoot the smoke into a box, carry it to the shot, then dump it in the frame (as seen done below by Sam.  That's a sign of true friendship.)

Practical effects are the way to go any opportunity you have to use them.  It made for a fun night and a great shot (below).

Tyler Shelton