Last May I met this guy in Brussels while we were in Belgium.

I asked if I could photograph him while he played guitar and he obliged.

After a few minutes of playing, he went on to tell me why he made his living by street performing. Before leaving Jamaica in the 1990s, he claims to have been a successful musician.  But as time went on, he had found himself in some legal trouble with a couple of different copyright infringements on his music.  He kept mentioning to me how quickly "Hollywood" was coming after him for selling what was supposedly "his music."  He expressed how badly he wanted to stay in Jamaica, but the Government and the large amount of fines piling up forced him to flee the country.

There's no way of knowing if anything he was saying was the truth, but his story was entertaining none the less.  

From what I remember, the rest of Brussels was just as mysterious and interesting.

. . .

Best Lasagna I've ever had though.


Tyler Shelton