The goal of this campaign was to promote living an alternative lifestyle.  25 years after the introduction of Canon's first Rebel SLR camera line, the company indroduced the Rebel With A Cause campaign.

The guidelines of the project was for a video and photos to be shot completely on the Canon® Rebel® EOS T6i.  After sending us a couple of cameras to play around with and share our story, my contribution to the campaign was later picked up as a part of an article from The Wall Street Journal.

Commissioned by Canon®




LIFEWTR is all about supporting the creative. Every three months, LIFEWTR partners with artists and turns every bottle into a canvas for new art.

The feeling I wanted to express in my film is of the first time you see the bottle.  Essentially a blank canvas with tasteful bold colors.  I needed a neutral environment in order to convey that blank canvas of the clear bottle with the simple black and white logo so I decided to shoot on an overcast day just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  After experimenting with effects in my studio, I ended up using food coloring as colorful explosions as the water starts to flow from the bottle.  It was important to add color as well as subtle animations to take this seemingly dull environment come to life with creativity to match the mission of the brand.

Commissioned by LIFEWTR®



Mach3® signature edition razor

I’m proud to have partnered up with a Cincinnati based company (P&G) to create an ad for their new Gillette® Mach3® Signature Edition Razor. It was a new challenge for me to create a piece that would most naturally integrate a razor. Immediately upon seeing the razor it made me think of how every artists’ tools are different. Personally, the color of it brought back my memories of painting which is what ultimately inspired the photo. People take pride in millions of “niche” things, and thus, artists are born. Whether you love the rattling of a spray can or the smoothness of a close shave. True art surrounds us everyday in everything we do.

With all of that said, I’m very proud of how this turned out. It’s really cool being able to work directly with a massive hometown brand like this that’s employed my friends and family for years.

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Commissioned by P&G